B's Montana Gardens Sprinkler Irrigation System

It’s hard to be your best when you’re thirsty, and the same goes for your lawn and plants. In our semi-arid region, plant life gets stressed when the temperatures warm up and the dry dog days of summer appear. This stress can exacerbate the effects of disease and insect damage. In addition to looking bad, it also makes it tougher for plants to survive a cold winter.

Do you ever get tired of dragging that old hose around the yard? I’m not referring to your husband, I’m talking about the green garden hose that kinks up and has to be lifted over all your petunias so they don’t get broken. An automatic sprinkler system will allow you to enjoy your lawn from a lounge chair, not the end of a hose. We can also water your hanging baskets and potted plants with an efficient drip irrigation system. Call us for a free estimate on a water-saving, time-saving, life-giving sprinkler system.